What We Do

  • Message Development

    Message Development

    Whether you’re a campaign, business or organization, having an effective, targeted, and coordinated message that resonates with your audience is key. Our team works to develop a winning, tailor-made message and complement it with an aggressive earned media plan to amplify its reach and deliver clear results.

  • Strategic Communications

    Strategic Communications

    Knowing when and how to communicate—and with what audience—can be just as important as the message itself. The Full Focus team has unparalleled experience in successfully navigating today’s most challenging issues from start to finish. Our work focuses on creating and executing a proactive plan that highlights the creative strengths of your story and leverages announcements, events, and forward-facing platforms to maximize earned media.

  • Crisis Communications

    Crisis Communications

    When an emergency strikes, being prepared—and responding appropriately—can mean life or death for a brand, campaign, or organization. With Full Focus, you name it, we’ve guided teams through it. We conduct a thorough situational evaluation, build out a rapid response operation, gather pertinent research and data, and deliver a solution-oriented message. Our team has the experience to respond, recover, and reposition our clients quickly.

  • Full-Service Writing and Editing

    Full-Service Writing and Editing

    We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to create dynamic, engaging content that pops and breaks through the clutter. If it’s delivering a keynote address, prepping for an important interview, or anything in between, we give our clients the tools they need to tell their story and make it stick. That includes:

    • Speechwriting
    • Press Releases
    • Talking Points
    • Email Blasts
    • Statements
    • Op-Eds
    • Presentations
    • Newsletters
    • Website Copy
    • Social Media
  • Press Relations

    Press Relations

    Media relations means more than just clicking send on a press release. It requires strong relationships with journalists, a thorough understanding of the news cycle, and working knowledge of unique target audiences to make your story heard. Whether you’re trying to avoid bad news or create a positive story for your organization, Full Focus is uniquely equipped to identify, shape, and execute our clients’ narrative.

  • Media Booking and Training

    Media Booking and Training

    Getting comfortable doing interviews and interacting with the media is crucial to telling your story. It involves training, preparation, and knowing what works and what will fall flat in different interview settings. From a sit down with the local newspaper to a live shot with a TV reporter, our clients walk in with confidence and walk out with a win.

  • Coalition Building

    Coalition Building

    Building out a broad coalition of support can be crucial to the success of any brand, movement or message. Full Focus identifies key influencers, engages additional audiences and communities, and creates a strong, unified, and diverse range of support behind our clients.

  • Digital Strategy

    Digital Strategy

    In an increasingly digital world, having the right strategy, message, and tools at your disposal is the only way to stay ahead online. From web development to social media and fundraising, we create campaigns and deliver winning results for our clients across every corner of the digital space.